Project information

  • Category: App
  • Client: SaaS
  • Project date: March/April 2020

Cater To Go

COVID-19 created havoc in the event industry. It shut down on a moments notice and a lot of businesses were forced to pivot in order stay afloat. Apps like DoorDash, Caviar, UberEats steal 30% of the total order from the vendor. Catering companies trying to survive the pandemic would not be able to sustain that. Hello Cater To Go! Instead of Cater To Go charging the vendor a percentage of the order, the customer pays a small service fee at checkout.

Elevated Web Systems designed an online ordering platform that allowed the vendor to have complete control of their menu, categories, wording, and site-design. The complex project utilized the Stripe Connect platform to make sure the vendor was paid instantly and we built out a full-featured dashboard for the vendor to track incoming orders, revenue, sales tax, and generate reports. The dashboard gave them the ability to set order minimums, free delivery for orders over a certain amount, and many more.

Email notifications were a major part of the system. Customers were emailed their order confirmation and receipt and the vendor was emailed an order notification with complete details for every item in the order.