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Infinity Caterers : Website Design

Infinity Caterers is an established premier catering company servicing the Philadelphia area and South Jersey. When they came to us, they had a website that hadn't been touched since 2009 - possibly earlier! It was still running Flash which doesn't event render in today's web browsers. All of this was crushing their SEO ranking potential. Google would never rank a page that isn't mobile-friendly and especially not one that won't render on a desktop!

This wasn't their fault, they were focusing on growing a successful customer first catering business and, like most busy business owners, the website kept getting pushed down on their list of priorities.

Unfortunately, they had hired another developer two years ago that wasn't able to complete the project. This is where Elevated Web Systems stepped in. We were able to put together a professional website design that showcased their quality and core business model of focusing on customer service.

Working together with the owners, we helped revamp their menus and display them in an easy to read and mobile-friendly way. Since this was not an e-commerce website, the goal was to give visitors enough motivation to fill out the estimate form or make a phone call. Our focus was to generate the qualified lead so their customer service team could close the sale.

With a clean interface, easy to navigate menu bar, responsive design, and social proof testimonials section we were able to elevate Infinity Caterers' website back into 2020!